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The collection "I Gioielli di Elisa di Rivombrosa" offers to all those who have followed the complicated love story between Elisa and the Count Ristori the chance to wear the same Jewelry worn by the protagonist and the other female characters on stage.




La Pagoda International, which boasts a twenty-five years experience in the production of retro Jewelry, specially a Collection of Jewelry in silver 925 / ° ° ° specifically for specifically for the fiction; this is based on the style of the 1700s, the age in which the novel takes place, but it can be worn even in the 21st century.


In addition to the pieces from the Collection, many other pieces were created, such as the diadem for the wedding of Elisa, the opulent necklaces of Lucrezia, the corals and the turquoises of the Neapolitans and many other Jewels of the fiction.

The Collection is made with traditional and handmade techniques, using 925 / ° ° ° silver with a bath of 18 karat gold, Swarovski crystals, natural garnets, freshwater and Majorca pearls, and it is fully hypoallergenic. The Jewels are packed in a precious box, specifically designed for the Collection, that matches the design of a the Elisa’s dress and they are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.