The Company


La Pagoda started its business in Padua in 1976, thanks to the passion for art and craft of its owner, Mrs. Bruna Gallo. This passion brought her into the fascinating world of antique jewelry: studying paintings by painters from the Renaissance onwards, she found endless sources of inspiration.

Through the reworking of the precious jewels of different ages in a contemporary key, La Pagoda created the collection "Splendori Antichi", that takes inspiration from the glories of the past, trying in this way to keep alive all the beautiful that had been produced over the centuries. "Splendori Antichi" consist of a rich assortment of earrings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets and pendants. The Collection is designed for a contemporary woman, who is sensitive to the art and to her emotions, she is aware of her time because she knows her past.


Besides the production of jewelry, Mrs. Bruna Gallo, with her daughter Valentina, offer a wide range of antique objects, antique jewelry and vintage accessories, personally selected and imported from the native countries.